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Published on 22 March 2014

susan booth mack snipes

Have you ever asked the questions, Who am I and why am I here? Often the answers we come up with relate to our job title, financial status, or place in a family, but is that really who we are? And if those human parameters change, then what? Do we feel lost and stripped of our identity and self-worth?

Join Christian Science practitioner and teacher Susan Booth Mack Snipes in a live Sentinel chat where she'll explore this topic from a spiritual perspective. Susan will bring a wealth of ideas from the Bible and the teachings of Christian Science that reveal our true spiritual identity as the wonderful, valued, beloved child of God. And she will answer questions that show us how to live this spiritual heritage in a joyous and fruitful way.

About Susan Booth Mack Snipes

Susan is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher who, with her husband, Bob, splits her time between Shepherdstown, West Virginia (near Washington, DC) and Orland, Maine (near Bangor and Bar Harbor). She has written many articles for The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel and has been serving in the practice of Christian Science for over 25 years. Susan has engaged in interfaith work, been an Institutional chaplain, Reader, Sunday School teacher, soloist, and now, in addition to being an active church member, she is learning to ski.

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